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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mid Century Mod in Palm Springs, CA

One of my favorite vacation destinations is Palm Springs, California. Located just an hour and a half out of Los Angelos, Palm Springs is a very relaxed desert town where you can truly go just to relax.

I stayed in a fun Mid Century Modern condo last time I was out there and remembered I didn't post the photos. The house was designed well and although I could have done without the shag carpet in the bathrooms..eek! Otherwise it was a very comfortable pad to stay in.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Color that isn't scary!

Color can be scary but when used appropriately it can be dramatic, peaceful, or sophisticated. If you have worked with me then you know where I stand when it comes to color. I believe that you should add color through inexpensive, or the least expensive, changes. For instance, if you want to experiment with a funky wall color have the walls painted (since paint is relatively inexpensive) before buying a hand-made artisan wall covering in that same color. I also recommend that people use neutrals on large furniture pieces and save color for small accent pieces like occasional chairs, ottoman, pillows, stationary drapery panels, accessories, or art. The smaller pieces will be easier (and less expensive) to change out when you want a new color scheme.

I saw this handsome lamp in Architectural Digest and it immediately captivated my attention. This particular beauty is from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. At the affordable price point of $220-$230 (depending on finish/shade) it will be an easy way to add a little pizazz to your space!

I'm out from under the rock!

Hello, hello! Happy Summer to all. This week I finally crawled out from under the rock I've been living under (this is why I have so neglected this poor poor blog). In reality, I've been extremely busy professing, designing, and reorganizing my new home office in The Wood (Woodbury).
What's new? I've created a yard monster involving flocks of birds and numerous feeding stations so when I'm not designing, professing, or snuggling with my beloved fur-kid I am out tending to the beast I have created in our yard. In the upcoming weeks I will be adding rain gardens to the back yard to help reduce wasteful and damaging run off when it rains. I will certainly be sharing photos and comments as gardening and landscaping would probably be the one thing I would do all day, everyday, if Minnesota were that type of climate in which one doesn't need to worry about frostbite.
As usual, I have been sifting through the countless magazines I have stacked around my abode but the exciting news is that there are all sorts of new and amazing products to share! I'll be posting several soon...
Until then, I wish you summer delight and enjoyment!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Is it Spring yet?

Anyone living in Minnesota knows that it's been a rough winter. Last evening I was recalling how wonderfully early out spring came last year. This year winter seems to be holding on with tight fists. I do realize though with each passing year winter only gets harder the older I get. Does anyone else notice this? As a kid I loved winter and couldn't wait to play in fresh snow. Now additional snow means I'll have to wash the salt off my car, give up my cute shoes for boots, and hobble through slush with my samples in tow.

While winter and cold are constant outside my window there is a constant flow of magazines and catalogs showing me the latest looks for spring. Giving me hope that one day, very soon, it will be SPRING once again.
Here are some of my favorite spring trends/products....

Elle Decor featured this space - unexpected chartreuse chairs add drama and youth!

Lemonade is synonymous with SUMMER. What better way to sip away the afternoon? This adorable dispenser comes from
Love this chair - soft feminine curves but still neutral enough as to not scare a man away!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Lulu DK fabric!

Each new season, just as in fashion, Textile Designers are releasing their new designs. Enter the SPRING collections. One of my favorite fabrics for Spring is from Lulu DK. It is a linen and cotton blend. With a color name "Apple Martini" it screams spring and summer. Delicious!