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Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Little History

Clients are often curious about what design decisions I have made in my own home. Right now my story is similar to the shoemaker’s children who don’t have shoes of their own. As I settle into a new home and slowly unpack boxes and organize the contents of each box I have decided to share the story of how I am transforming my house, a frame of wood and sheetrock (with a new roof that sometimes leaks) into a home.One would assume that for a designer it would be quite easy to decorate and furnish her own personal home but it is actually the opposite. While I have designed several client homes in two or three weeks time I can’t seem to nail down the details of my own home with months of thought and planning. I agonize over fabrics and while my husband believes that the difference between two similar fabric swatches is “negligible” I argue that even though the color and texture is very similar the two fabrics convey two different messages: polished, refined, yet relaxed versus casual, cheap, and predictable.I decided to make a rule for myself in my own design process. My rule is that I only put my favorites into my house. Lucky for my husband, he is my ultimate favorite! As I thumb through thousands of fabrics and trims and dispute the minor differences between two similar sofa frames I constantly remind myself to take it slow and make sure that our home is done right the first time around without attention paid or stress given to lead times and back orders.I have lived in this house for just a few months and although it challenges my ego every time I walk into the living room and see a lonely, lack-luster sofa, I know that this blank slate will slowly transform, right before my eyes, into the home that I know it can be.I invite you along on this journey to experience the excitement of change as I work with electricians, plumbers, craftsmen, carpenters, and painters to turn this hollow shell into my very own design wonderland.Each month you can expect to see at least one new project in this series. I encourage you to get involved, ask questions, share the blog with friends, and feel free to contact me when you have questions regarding a particular product I have used.

A Little History:
Our house was a builder’s model that was constructed in 2006. Unfortunately, the builder was unable to finish the home and the property went into foreclosure. The house sat vacant and unfinished for over 18 months. The exterior of the house is approximately 95% complete while the main level of the interior is 90% complete. The "Before Photos" show the state of the house upon purchase in 2008.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to wathcing the journey.

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,
I am anxiously awaiting new pics...what have you done to the exterior so far? Are you going to post pictures of the interior as well? Dee