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Friday, May 29, 2009

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So I started this blog in November of '08 with the expectation that I would been finishing projects on my own house at the speed of light! Well, life took over and although it's a blessing that client projects have kept me so busy, my own house has suffered.
We are still working on the exterior of the house! The driveway and sod went in last August and we recently stained the columns, front porch, and cedar shingles. What's next? The garage doors and front door need a few coats of paint and the landscaping must begin!
During the winter we did make some progress on the interior. We added an arch to the kitchen -- what a dramatic change! Before the arch was built the kitchen felt like a small cave off of the living room. Our living room has 16' ceilings while the kitchen has 9' ceilings and the straight horizontal line of the cut-through brought attention to the major difference in ceiling heights. Now the kitchen feels like an extension of the living room and the whole area is much more inviting and feels quite spacious.
I will continue to make updates on my own house but in between I've decided to add in design information, inspirations, new products, and thoughts on design. I welcome your design questions and I look forward to blogging each week (really!!).
Thank you for your patience!

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