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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Seeing Red

A few weekends ago my husband and I decided to up the sweat equity in our house and stain the exterior cedar ourselves. FUN -- not! Actually, it went much faster than expected as we had extra help (thank goodness for parents).

As the stain dried my reaction was one of shock as the color looked nothing like the sample chips I had selected from. It turns out that after I had collected my sample chips and before we bought the stain Cabot Stain was purchased by Valspar and their formulas were changed. That would have been nice to know up front as the colors are not what we anticipated. We were told to wait several weeks as the highly saturated colors (reds) fade quite a bit in the first two weeks. Although we have noticed a lot of fading the colors aren't quite as mellow as I'd like but I am willing to live with it for now.

Our next task on the front exterior is to paint the front door and garage doors. Once that is complete we will be adding some shrubs and plants to the front yard. At this point we have decided to leave the back yard as-is (with the exception of adding a deck) until next year.

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