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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

UNIQUE PRODUCT: Kilim Remnants

One purpose for this blog is to alert my readers of unique, interesting, or one-of-a-kind products that I happen upon. I have attached a photo of a Turkish Kilim rug remnant that has been sewn onto a neutral linen. If you're not familiar with Kilim rugs they are traditional, flat-weave rugs from Turkey or Afghanistan. Typically these rugs are made from wool and the patterns are usually geometric in form. Rich colors are the standard for these types of rugs as vegetable dyes are used on the wool fibers. Wool takes dye very well.

It is difficult to find antique Kilims that are in perfect condition. I loved the idea of preserving the beauty of the rug by saving just a small piece and having it framed to hang on the wall. Unique pieces like this are interesting and are far different than traditional art prints, so typical to many homes.

I had the opportunity to purchase three pieces that I am offering to my clients. If you are intersted please contact my office for pricing information.


sally said...

loved the kilim remnant! you may also find great kilims at . they also have a comprehensive section about kilims.

Anonymous said...

Can this work in the Arizona House?