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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Be Bold

Several weeks ago I was making rounds to some of my favorite odd shops for great finds. I went into a shop in Highland Park and found a great painting that I instantly loved. It's shown above and as you can probably see, is a very colorful and slightly convoluted clown.

I've shown this, excitedly, to many people and have had a variety of reactions: dislike, disdain, fondness, and adoration.

At this exact moment the painting sits in the ABD inventory, awaiting it's new home. I know the perfect setting will come along for this lonely clown.

Where do I plan to use it? Certainly not in a child's bedroom or nursery. I think it would be fabulous in a powder room or a hallway -- a place where the viewer has a fleeting experience with the painting.

As I have had this sitting in my office for several days I have noticed that sometimes the clown is smirking, sometimes he's mournful, and occasionally I look at him and he appears sly, as though he's plotting something. Regardless of what I might see in this piece each day, it is interesting that each time I look at the painting I see something new; a different expression, a sense of feeling, or a wayward brushstroke. It continues to engage me in a thought process; something I feel art should do.

As you put finishing touches in your home, try to do something unexpected and bold. Do something that will catch people off guard. Put a clown in the powder room.

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