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Friday, October 16, 2009

FLOR Tiles

FLOR ( is a product that has been available for a few years but is now gaining popularity in residential settings. The FLOR product is a 19.7" square modular flooring tile with a non-skid backing. This product can be used to create an area rug or it can be used in wall-t0-wall scenarios. The sample shown above is: needlepoint stripe, color: ginger.

The FLOR website is very user friendly; you can look at different styles and order samples (3 samples for $5.00). The website also features a rug designer feature and a handy calculator to help you figure the quantity of tiles you need for a given application.

What makes FLOR so great? Well, first, it's really inexpensive! If you are looking for a heavy-duty rug for your mud room or maybe just a temporary area rug these tiles are incredibly affordable. A 5 x 7 rug will average $150. The beauty of this product is the durability factor. FLOR tiles are designed, mainly, for commercial spaces with high-traffic so the tiles really hold up in a residential setting. If something does happen and one of the tiles is stained you can simply lift that tile and replace it with a new one. It's really that simple!

This is a great product to consider for play spaces, 3-season porches, mud rooms, basements, kids' rooms, bathrooms, and utility spaces. It can also be used in just about any room you desire but the finished look will be casual.

From October 15th - November 15th we will offer 10% off any FLOR products purchased through Annie Ballantine Designs. We will also provide you with free samples. This discount cannot be used on clearance items; sorry! Happy shopping!

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