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Friday, October 2, 2009

Hot New Textile!

In a recent fabric showing I fell in love with Bart Halpern's pleated upholstery fabric. This fabric is a tough blend of Polyurethan, Polyester, and Viscose with an abrasion rating of 201,000 double rubs. As a point of reference, a normal residential fabric should fall in the 15,000-45,000 double rub category. The double rub (Wyzenbeek) method for testing fabric durability involves rubbing a surface against the fabric to see how many strokes (up and down equals one double rub) the fabric can withstand before it starts to show normal wear. At 201,000 double rubs it would practically take explosives to destroy this fabric!

This fabric is so versatile! It can be used in upholstery, window treatments, as a wall covering, or as bedding. The fabric is available in 33 colors and it can be ordered with or without backing. The production time is only 3-4 weeks and there is a 6 yard minimum order.

Please inquire about pricing by calling our office: 612-746-5519.

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