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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adding Pizazz!

If you're anything like me, on the day before Thanksgiving you are sitting at your desk, working, instead of standing in your kitchen cubing the 8 French baguettes for your from-scratch stuffing. I still can't quite believe that Thanksgiving is TOMORROW! I am sitting here asking myself "where did fall go?". It doesn't feel like Thanksgiving yet; we don't have snow, it isn't 20 degrees outside, and the grass is still partially green. Yet, somehow, the turkey holiday crept up on me.

I haven't had much time to commit to all the decorative details for the festivities taking place at my house; I've been too busy tracking the ever-changing guest list. We began with a semi-challenging 12 for dinner. I made reservations to rent a large dining table as well as serving tables. Then 5 days ago the guest list bumped up, unexpectedly, to 16. So, I cancelled the tables and decided to do a more casual buffet. Yesterday was the final change (I hope!) to this guest list and we are now at a more comfortable 11 guests for dinner. It was too late to rent additional tables so we are keeping the buffet style but now I am realizing that I've been so busy adjusting plans and recipes to accommodate guests that I have completely neglected our decor.

I have to admit I typically buy flowers two or three days in advance. I go to a large floral shop and spend an offensive amount of money on flowers. Afterwards I invest half a day arranging them and sprinkling the house with suitable arrangements for each space. This year, I have done no such thing. This year I made a hasty trip to Trader Joe's to pick up a pre-arranged, overpriced, scrawny arrangement for our small bites table.

As I plunked the few flowers and many fillers into a vase I was so depressed by my centerpiece that I decided to rummage through my craft bin in an effort to add a little pizazz to this mess sitting before me.

The result? Stunning! To my pre-packaged flowers I added: dogwood, curly willow, shrub branches, fresh fruit, pine cones, and a festive bird. Now it looks like I actually called a florist!

Next time you come home from the grocery with a floral arrangement, be creative, add something unexpected. The result will be something that is unique and makes you smile. This is an easy way to stretch your entertaining dollars and impress your guests all in one step. The holidays are a wonderful, celebratory time. Don't let the expense of decorating drain your holiday spirit, instead, be creative and daring. The results will surprise you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Big Sale at IMS!

You read correctly -- a big SALE is happening at International Market Square this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday only. Showrooms will be liquidating merchandise at 50 - 80% off retail prices! You'll find great deals from Baker, Hickory Chair, Hancock and Moore, Brunschwig & Fils, and more!!
Hours are:
Thursday, November 5th: 4-8pm
Friday, November 6th: 9am-6pm
Saturday, November 7th: 9am-1pm
If you're looking for great prices on high-end furniture you don't want to miss this sale!

If you need help selecting pieces or deciding if something will work in your home, please call our office at 612-746-5519 and we can schedule an appointment during this sale.

Happy Shopping!