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Friday, April 9, 2010

Change Your Look

I have a magazine habit that drives my husband crazy. My shelter magazine subscriptions, admittedly, are out of control as I get 5 per month along with my lady magazines. Quite frequently I can be found sitting down with a stack of magazines and a few minutes will pass between a symphony of tearing paper. I tend to collect a big pile of "tear outs" that I save for later inspiration. Sadly, there is rarely any rhyme or reason to the things that I collect in my stack of torn paper but last month I found something extremely noteworthy.

I've attached the page for you to see but it was a fantastic advertisment for a department store. It shows how easy it is to refresh the look of a neutral space through accessory placement and bright colors in small doses. As you attempt another year of Spring Cleaning change out your accessories just for the season. I promise you that the change of scenery will make you appreciate what you have even more and it will hopefully create an excitement for change in your home!

Happy Spring & Happy Changes,