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Friday, May 21, 2010

It's getting personal

There seems to be a big misconception out there. People actually believe that because I am an interior designer my house must be completely decked out and "finished". Well, I'm here to tell you that it's certainly not.
First, I don't believe that any home is truly ever finished. A home constantly evolves and changes just as the people who live in that house will change over time. Second, I design Monday through Friday and often times when I go home at night I just want to unplug and relax; I certainly don't want to do more design problem solving.
This is why my house will never quite be "finished" which is fine with me. At this point I would say that the room that is closest to being complete is our kitchen but I still want to work on the lighting and installing a back splash. Eventually I'd love to gut the whole thing but that's another story...
In February I decided to embark on a fairly significant project involving my house. There is a front room on the house that has never been used because it doesn't seem to serve any sort of purpose very well. There was no overhead lighting, no outlets for a cable or phone so using this space as a relaxing room or office was out of the question; at that point.
Soon this front room will complete its transition into Annie's Reading Room or The Den. Mainly, this is the room you will find me in at the end of a long day when I just want to listen to music or read.
Here we are four months down the road from the initial planning and it truly doesn't look like much has been done inside the space. Soon though, it will all come together and be pretty close to being "finished" although I'll be editing the built-in bookcases every few weeks, I'm sure.
This project started with my preliminary sketches of what I wanted in terms of furniture layout and built-ins. From there I started to pull favorite fabrics and materials that I wanted to be sure and incorporate into the space. Once everything is installed I am very confident that this will be my most favorite room that I have ever done (so far) because it suits me perfectly; just the way a home should!
I've attached the color scheme and some "before" photos...
The hope is for an end of June completion (crossing my fingers!).

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Anonymous said...

Looking foward to seeing "finished" photos!