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Monday, July 12, 2010

I've fallen off, again!

I was so proud of myself in May; blogging became a part of my weekly routine and it seemed effortless to churn out at least one post a week. Then June happened...and now it's July and I've become a real delinquent blogger. Forgive me, my faithful readers!
Since the last post the work on my personal den has been progressing; very slowly! Finally, at the end of June the cabinetry was installed and now I am waiting on just the carpet and window treatments. Then the real fun begins with accessorizing and personalizing the space. Check back for photos very soon!

This summer I've been working on expanding our resource library in the design studio. Whenever I can find unique products it is very beneficial to my clients for very obvious reasons. I came across a new product that I've heard very little about but am very intrigued by: Bio Fireplaces. A bio fireplace produces NO smoke, ash, or soot and in many cases there is absolutely no venting required. A bio fireplace is the perfect solution for a space in need of ambiance with little of no room for a traditional firebox or gas insert. The units aren't cheap: they start around $500 for a basic unit and go up from there. However, there are tax incentives that help reduce the overall cost. You can check out bio fireplace units at:
Above I've inserted a photo of the "Transparent" model which retails for $1500.00.

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