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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fabric Obsession!

My favorite part of my job as an interior designer to to hunt out great, unexpected fabrics. I love fabric -- the feel, the texture, the color, the design -- LOVE IT! A few days ago I was rummaging the showrooms at International Market Square in Minneapolis and found this fantastic Vervain fabric at the Ambiante Showroom. This fabric is a silk tafetta and it has a printed, colorful design. The fabric does have a lot of slubbing which is completely natural to silk but anyone purchasing the fabric should be aware and expect the slubbing.
The most impactful part of this fabric is the beautiful array of colors used in the large-scale, printed design. The design is youthful, playful, yet feminine. The drape of this fabric is gorgeous and it would be the perfect drapery fabric. It could also be used on an occasional chair but a backing would be very necessary.
I have included a scan of the fabric. It doesn't quite do it justice but you get the point of what this fabric looks like!

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