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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Commited for the Long Haul

As I edge up on my own wedding anniversary I find myself reflecting on commitment of the long-term type. Two weeks ago I found myself in New York City at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was astounded as I looked upon fine furniture from 1600 or sooner and I couldn't help but think: what are we making today that will last for thousands of years? Not much. I can assure you that the department store sofa with a cardboard core structure will barely last you three years and certainly not 3,000. As a culture our attitudes on furniture has shifted drastically in the past 40 years. We don't buy "heirloom" furniture, we buy IKEA furniture that lasts a few years. Why?

As we move toward a more green earth and make eco-friendly choices I urge you to consider eco-friendly choices when you purchase furniture. Think about that cheap sofa you bought; in 5 years you're going to need a new sofa because the one you have will be worn out completely. You won't be able to reupholster because the frame itself will be shot. So, where do you think that sofa is going to go after your living room? A landfill and there it will sit..for a long, long time. Consider instead a timeless frame with classic lines that is well-built and will last (without frame repair) for 40+ years. You will be able to upholster that piece several times and save our landfills from those 8 cheap sofas you would have purchased in the same 40 years time.

One of my favorite artisan furniture makers right her in America is Thos Moser. Located on the East Coast their work studio is full of artisans who hand craft each piece of furniture. Each piece of furniture is unique and built to last a lifetime. This is certainly worthy of heirloom status.

I've included a photo of one of my favorite tables by Thos. Moser: Pasadena. Prices start at $5,900 for the dining table in the 74" length.

For more information check out their website:

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