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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fantastic Party Decor

This weekend I attended an event for the Courage Center, right here in Golden Valley, MN. Courage Center is an amazing institution that provides physical therapy, rehabilitation services, and outreach to persons with physical challenges. The even this weekend, Celebration of Courage, is their signature annual event and is the major fundraiser for their much needed equipment to aid their clients with rehabilitation services.

The event was at the Earle Brown Heritage Center and I can say I've never seen the inside of that event center looking so wonderful! The event designer did a fantastic job on the decor. I especially loved the light fixtures which I captured on my IPhone to share with my readers! So creative, so cool! It's hard to tell from my primitive photo but there were fans of real tree branches mounted to a circular board. Strung in those branches were small white lights. Hanging from the center were elaborate glass chandeliers. So gorgeous!

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