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Monday, September 20, 2010

Service for the Holidays

As you make your holiday preparations for entertaining be sure to give proper attention to serving ware. You'll most likely dedicate a lot of time to the construction of the perfect menu so ensuring you have the proper way to serve your foods will make for a flawless dining experience for your guests.
If you're having a buffet of sorts, be sure to place items at different heights - this adds dimension and interest but it always helps people see dishes individually versus one massive plane of food. To create height you can stack books under your table cloth to create ledges or buy dishes with height to display fruits, desserts, or crackers with various cheeses. The display I have pictured above is from Jayson Home & Garden and retails for $150. If you're looking for a budget piece with height check out Pier One as they carry versatile, budget-friendly pieces.
Utensils should not be overlooked either. Instead of buying a serving set I try to find vintage pieces at antique shops, thrift stores, and even rummage sales. Older serving pieces tend to be more ornate which feels special and dressy. Also try mixing intricate pieces with modern, classic pieces to create interest and tell a story of your interests.
Keep your displays personal. Try to use your Grandmother's china or Aunt Susie's crystal vase. When people comment on a given piece you'll be able to tell them a family story of who it came from and why you love it. If you're dining with family they will appreciate the history present at the table.

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