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Monday, November 15, 2010

5 Minute Holiday Craft!

This crafting process seriously only takes about 5 minutes. Believe me, you don't have to be Martha Stewart to get this one right
First, you'll need the following tools: holiday scrap booking paper (something sturdy), holiday stickers, ribbon, cutting tools, zots (adhesive glue dots - or just Elmer's glue is fine too!).

To make the process simple, I am using a circle cutting tool from Michael's. This tool is around $20.00 but wow is it worth the cost - you can cut circles anywhere from 4" to 12" in about two seconds! It is so easy to use.

The first step is to cut a circle out of your first paper - any size will do. For my larger size I used a 10" circle with a 5" circle in the center in a contrasting paper. Once you have your first circle cut then cut out your second circle and glue or "zot" your second circle onto the center of your first circle. Now punch a hole in the top of your big circle and run a ribbon through the hole to create a hanger. Now you can embellish the circle with holiday stickers or you can use glittery letters (from the craft store) to spell out holiday phrases.

Now...where do you use these? I plan to use some in the center of my wreaths - I simply hang the ornament from a nail or hook and then hang the wreath on that same hook. If you measure carefully the ornament will hang in the center of your wreath; this is a beautiful, easy decorating trick! You can also make banners as I have shown - connect your circles with ribbon. You can hang banners just about anywhere but they are very pretty by a fireplace mantel (just keep them as far as possible from flames!) or across a mirror.
This is incredibly inexpensive and you can recycle these ornaments when you are finished if you don't want to use them next year. Or, if you make smaller circles you can repurpose them as gift tags next holiday season.
So simple! So festive!

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