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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fantastic Book!

One of my favorite past times is rummaging through design books at the library. I do buy a lot of design books as well but I like to preview books first and the library is perfect for that!

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a book called Creating a Sense Sational Home by Terry Willits. I love this book and cannot say enough positive things about it!

As a designer I always try to convey to clients just how important the concept of HOME is. How important it is to raise children in a comfortable home that reflects the family and sense of togetherness. This book puts it into easy to understand, yet eloquent terms.
Terry has a unique background as well, she is an interior designer but her husband is a pastor so she does discuss religion in the home as well which I found interesting too.

There are tips and tricks throughout the book - how to change a small thing here and there to make a big difference.

I would highly recommend this book!
P.S. - Sorry for the click caption on the photo. My lack of tech-savvy is showing through! =)

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