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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wonderful crafting tool!

I am obsessed with this new crafting tool that is available through Martha Stewart Crafts. The tool is called "Punch Around the Page" and you can purchase it at Michael's for $24.99. Look for coupons though - Michael's usually has a weekly 40% off coupon and you can use it on this particular item!
Versatility is the main reason that I love this tool. I have used mine on paper to make beautiful place mats, gift tags, mailing labels, card stock, stationary, and more. You can use this for just about anything.
If you are going invest in this tool I would highly recommend a classic pattern that you can use all year. There are some cute snowflake options but it would be ridiculous to use that during the summer months! I chose a classic loop pattern for my punch and I have very happy with it!
Using this tool is so straightforward and somewhat mindless. A note though, if you have arthritic hands get someone to help you or you hands will hurt for days!
Happy Crafting to all!

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