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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Holidays in My Home

Holiday decorations at my home, 2010....Our tree. This was somewhat disappointing for me as our tree last year was 12 feet tall. This year we bought so early that a 9 foot tree was the tallest we were able to get. I tend to favor a sentimental collection of ornaments that reflects experiences of my life versus a contrived "designer" tree in my own home. Decorating with fresh greens is so incredibly festive and inviting! The scent is wonderful as well. For easiest clean-up I try to buy the fresh cedar garland as it doesn't shed tiny needles. I like to attach trinkets like fake birds or ornaments to the garland. This year I made holiday card holders and attached those to the garland as well.
More fresh garland on the living room fireplace...

The naughty and nice stockings are more decorative and I love the whimsy of them. One side says "naughty" and the other "nice" so you can flip them depending on behavior! This year they hung in the den, just above the fireplace...

This is one of my home-made banners. This particular one was strung across the den fireplace....

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